SHOWCASE: Green Valley Renovation

Before & After Photos

Certainly the fact that we have used The Carver Group not once but twice is a testament to our belief in their quality and service. The first time that we chose The Carver Group, Craig actually had to take charge of the framing process in someone’s absence. That summer we had a lot of rain and he wanted to try to keep us on schedule. The first project was extensive, but not nearly as extensive as the second. We called Craig for the second project and he assisted us in obtaining the Architect, who was equipped to help us develop the style we were looking for. Later during the project Craig assisted with every major decision as the architect had moved on. He is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Craig was especially keen in selecting the right superintendent for our projects. They were both very calm and professional and blended well with our personalities. This made the entire two years very tolerable.” - Rick and Pat T.