We pride ourselves on locating and using unique and reclaimed building products to make our homes distinctive from others, creating a noticeable sense of quality.

The attention to detail and craftsmanship will prove itself over the years:

  • We use only the area's best and proven subcontractors and we continually build on these relationships
  • Amish craftsmen supply custom interior and exterior doors and specialty cabinets
  • Interior and exterior door frames are of solid material allowing for custom casing applications
  • Blue motion hinges and full extension drawer slides are a part of our cabinetry standards
  • European plasterers provide authentic “Old World” plaster and stucco
  • Italian plaster finishes available to recreate the beautiful finishes of Europe
  • Foundations are waterproofed and warranted against water penetration
  • All exterior trim is back-primed prior to installation
  • All exterior trim material is “knot” free
  • Conditioning the home prior to execution of interior trades is a must
  • Interior wood paneling is primed prior to installation
  • Limited flex supply ducting is a part of the HVAC scope
  • Insulation of all baths and laundry rooms is standard
  • Cast iron plumbing drops for drain lines are standard to eliminate the “flush” sound
  • Subcontractors are held to a strict weekly clean-up policy
  • We take advantage of the latest available technology

Here is a list of sustainable green building products and techniques that we incorporate into our homes:

  • Reclaimed wood and bricks
  • Solar water heater panels
  • Icynene® foam insulation
  • Cellulose insulation, of recycled materials, is a green, high-performance insulation
  • Geo thermal HVAC
  • Low “E” window glazing
  • Italian “non toxin” paints and plaster products
  • Cork floor tiles
  • Durisol® wall construction