The Carver Group Philosophy

Here’s The Carver Group approach to building.

I strive to build our homes using the best tried, true, and tested craftsman in the industry with the highest sense of quality in mind. This is a result of thirty plus years of working around these tradesmen, creating relationships, and having a mutual understanding that there is only one way to do our work, to give it our very best. By using the best materials available on market, keeping our eyes open for new proven considerations that will make us better. Having a proactive approach to the long term sustainability. Our homes are built for the ages, creating a legacy to be passed on through the generations or to be comfortably re-sold to the discerning client who appreciates an enduring level of quality.

Trying to make every home have it’s own unique characteristics, so that not any two homes are the same. It brings a sense of artistry in to home building process. No matter the design of the home, let’s add those simple meaningful details that make a difference. Perhaps it’s the type of trim material used on the exterior, the finish that’s put on this, or the way the trim lines having subtle ins and outs to create that interest that you know is there but aren’t quite sure of what it is that’s drawing your eye to it. The options and the opportunities are endless for the creative mind.

My own personal passion stretches beyond the basics of quality building, instilled in me early in my career, but into researching and finding unique materials and details. I scour books and magazines looking for those special eye catching details that I can incorporate into what we do. My passion is scouring resources to locate reclamation items that in that right situation make for the “awe” moment. This may be doors or windows from a turn of the century house about to be torn down, maybe heart pine floors, ceilings, paneling, or an island top from beams and floor decking salvaged from an old mill. I chase these, I secure them, and then I look for that right opportunity to bring them back to life in one of our new homes. Truly exemplifying distinctive features in our homes.

When you choose The Carver Group, you get my personal approach to making your house a one of a kind. The devil’s in the details!

Craig A. Carver

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